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2010 Christmas Events

Looking for information regarding different events this Christmas 2010?

Pay attention carefully
Wednesday December 22nd, 2010 -
Mel Trotters' (225 Commerce S.W.) Coat Give away - 10 a.m. get there early
Chili in the Park (Veteran's Park) - 12 Noon get there early & get a ticket.
You take the ticket next door to Park Street Church and get presents.
Thursday December 23rd, 2010 -
10 a.m. Degage Ministries ( 144 S. Division)has Christmas Shoe boxes for men, women, and kids.
(Kids must have at least one adult with them at all times).
Friday December 23rd, 2010 -
Casey's Breakfast & Socks at 8 a.m. at First United Methodist Church (227 E. Fulton).
Free Breakfast with Christmas Socks with lots of good stuff inside.
Christmas Day (December 25th, 2010) - Yes some places will be open
The buses do not run, so you will have to walk or get a ride
8a.m. to 9a.m. - Immanuel Lutheran (On the Hill Division & Michigan
Pancake breakfast - usually has socks, gloves, or something for Christmas (no guarantees except a free breakfast):)
Update about Degage's - Degage downstairs and upstaris will be closed all day.
In the evening the downstairs will be op3n 6:30 to 8p.m. (the grill will be open cost varies on wha tyou order)
There is supposed to be A Free New Year's Eve Dinner on December 31st.
12 Noon to 1 p.m. - Mel Trotters will have a Christmas Dinner and gift bags.
2:30 to 4p.m.- God's Kitchen will have a Christmas Dinner and gift bags _get there early sometimes the gifts run out.
5 p.m. Street Light (515 S. Division - 1 block south of wealthy) - Street Light will have a dinner and gifts. -
yes Street Light starts at 5 p.m. ( 1 hour earlier) on Christmas.
These are the main ones that we know about.
Happy Hanukah & Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night, since everyone will be eating good.

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