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Family Shelters for Men with minor kid(s)


I.C.C.F. Family Haven Shelter                                          Has 30 day shelter for families with kids. 

Family Haven is located at 701 Prospect SE.                  For single parents or couples with minor kid(s).

Grand Rapids, MI  49506                                                    Must have at least 1 minor kid to stay at shelter.

(616) 336-9333 / 247-4949                                                    Must contact Salvation Army’s H.A.P. @ 616-459-9468 not   I.C.C.F. to be placed in the Family Haven Shelter


I.F.H.N. (Inter Faith Hospitality Network)                       30day Homeless shelter for families.

906 S. Division (also known as Family Promise)            Must be family or woman w/ minor kid(s)

Grand Rapids, MI 49507                                                     Also, men w/ kids, or teenagers w/ kids.

(616) 475-5220                                                                      Some requirements, call for more info.


Salvation Army's Homeless Assistance Program - (616) 454-5840

Now known as the Housing Assessment Program or H.A.P. (They usually only refer women & kids)


National Homeless Assistance Hotline -     1-800-274-3583 / 1-800-A-SHELTER