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Food Resources - Grand Rapids - Kent County area

This page focuses on Food resources available in and for the Kent County area.
Depending on your computer screen size, you may have to scroll down to view all links.

Free Breakfast, Lunches, and Dinners divided by day of the week

Free Breakfast, Lunches, and Dinners
Senoir Meals (Also see Senior Pantries & Senior Meals on Meals)

D.H.S. Information & Food Panty Locations - Food Pantries divided by area or category

D.H.S. & Food Stamp Information
Food Pantries - Downtown area
Food Pantries - West side
Food Pantries - Northwest
Food Pantries - Northeast
Food Pantries - Southeast
Food Pantries - Southwest
Food Pantries - Far South
Food Pantries - Far North
Food Pantries - Senior Pantries
Emergency Food Pantries

Meals on Wheels, Mobile Food Trucks, & Angelfood Ministry

Meals on Wheels / Senior Meals on Wheels
Mobile food trucks
Angel Food Ministry
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