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The documents from GRCC

These are copies of the actual documents that GRCC (Grand Rapids Community College) sent to me wither by mail or email. As the recipent of such, I am free to amke them availabe to others if I so choose. Yes, a Patatas worker by the name of Anna Farraher claimed I called her a bit*ch which I didn't. Later she called the the campus police becasue the manager gave me a refund. So therefore I was wrote up that way Sara Dorer could have something to do and the college would have something to use to waste my time and their money. IF you look at the letters it is practically obvious as to the kangroo court sytle hearings, without anyone actually looking at what really happen. Meanwhile employees of Subway and Patats at GRCc are free to act in any manner they choose and GRCC refuses to address this issues. IF there is any issue, it is automatically the students fault, no need for evidence or prooff an Patatas worker's lies are good enoguh. This is GRCC high standards that they talk about that alledgedly lead to excellence.

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Sanction letter
Violation letter

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