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Senior Food Pantries

(You may only use one food pantry)

Senior Food Pantries


Senior Meals Food Pantry                                                Food Pantry is for Seniors only.

1930 Fuller Ave. N.E., Suite B                                            Must be age 55 or over. Need I.D.

Grand Rapids, MI 49507                                                     Must sign up and then you can use

(616) 364-1104                                                                      twice (2 times) a month.


Messiah Missionary Baptist                                             Senior Food Pantry (for those over 60)

513 Henry S.E.                                                                      Held in building behind the church.

Grand Rapids, MI 49503                                                      Every other Friday 10:30 a.m. (Southeast side)

(616) 458-2651                                                                       Must pre-register. I.D., proof of address/income.


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