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Senior Lunches or Meals


Senior Neighbors (Downtown)                                        Provides transportation to medical appointments,

Grand Rapids Senior Center                                            assistance, and referrals to those that over 60.

333 S. Division Ave.                                                           Has lunch & games at downtown center.

Grand Rapids, MI 49503.                                                    Call for assessment and to get set-up.

(616) 459-3040                                                                      (616) 459-6019 Intake                     



United Methodist Community House                               Has congregate meal (60+), Meals small donation

Shalom Senior Center (For southeast)                              Fellowship with other seniors. Fee varies for activities.

904 Sheldon S.E.                                                                   Classes, activities, programs, activities. Must be 55+.     

Grand Rapids, MI                                                                 If over 60 have other programs/ assistance.

(616) 452-3226                                                                       Some Transportation.




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