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Southeast Area Food Pantries

(You may only use one food pantry)

Southeast area


Baxter Food Pantry                                                            Southeast area only

Baxter Community Center                                                  Mon thru Friday 9 to 11:45 & 1:30 to 3 except

935 Baxter S.E.                                                                      on Thursday afternoon when it is closed

Grand Rapids, MI  49506                                                     Wealthy to Hall area Bring I.D.  & proof of residency

(616) 456-8593 / 742-1536                                                    For Bethel Food Pantry must go through Baxter.


SECOM Food Pantry                                                          Food Pantry is for Southeast (South end) only

1545 Buchanan Ave S.W.                                                  Boundaries are Hall to 28th St. & US 131 to Patterson

Grand Rapids, MI  49507                                                    MWF mornings 9:00 to 11:30a.m. & Wed. 1 to 3p.m.

(616) 452-7684                                                                      Bring I.D & proof Residency. Proof of income 1st time.

                                                                                               For those that work, Tues... 4to 6p.m.; bring check stub.


Madison Square C.R.C.  Food Pantry               Food Pantry is for Southeast only

1434 Madison Ave. S.E.                                        Must live in the Madison / Hall area.  Must attend

Grand Rapids, MI  49507                                      Madison or sign up through SECOM to use.

(616) 245-7791                                                      Bring I.D & proof of Residency. Thursday 6:00p.m to 7:00p.m.



John Knox Food Pantry                                                     Food Pantry is for Far Southeast area only.

4150 Kalamazoo S.E.                                                           Boundaries are 28th to 108th & US 131 to Patterson

Kentwood, MI  49506                                                         MWF 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. or first 50. families.

(616) 455-9411 / 455-5060                                                    Bring 2 forms of I.D.  & proof of residency



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