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My GRCC College Homepage

John Verzi



  1. Aquariums- I or we (since I am married) like aquariums and tropical fish.
    We have a 55 gallon, 10 gallon, and a 5 1/2 gallon tank.

  2. Mountain Biking- We also like riding our mountain bikes.
    My bike is a Mongoose and has thick 2.25" tires. I have ridden it in both the snow and the rain.
    In the summer, we like riding our bikes down the bike trails and going to Millennium Park.
    Usually, we go to the beach and splash pad. On the way back it is nice to stop at McDonald's.

  3. Computers- I also like using computers.
    When I have time I like playing with and making WebPages on
Also, I like practicing ASL (American Sign Language) and going to the deaf mall chat.

2010 & 2011 Career Goals

In the future I want to do residential drafting and design a few houses of my own and maybe even a resort subdivision.

Technical Definitions of food and why GRCC wrote me up for disorderly conduct.

Is beef and excludes any products such as chicken, tukey, pig, fish, shrimp.


Is any edible bird such a chicken, and turkey.


Is any products produced from a pig such as: ham, bacon, most sausage, most hotdogs, B-B-Q ribs (unless from a cow).

Why do I bring this up in definitions?
Because a Patata's worker in Winchester Alley got mad because I told her that I wanted double meat on my chips and cheese. When she asked what kind? I told her that chicken was poultry, so that I must have wanted beef. So she got upset and purposely sabotaged my food by throwing the other ingredients on it and then on top of it she purposely threw lots of salsa on top of it, knowing that we don't eat salsa. I attempted to take the salsa of it at the counter and put it into another tray to fix it. I was told that I could not fix it at the counter. So I told the manager if her employee did not wreck it then I would not have to fix it. The manager then gave me a refund. As I was getting a refund, the employee called GRCC cops because she was mad that the manager gave me a refund. Yes, this all started over chips and cheese and me saying that chicken was poultry not meat, and so I must have wanted beef. If anyone else has ever had any issues with a certain morning worker at Patatas, please feel free to contact my email. So, if anyone (students, teachers, professors) ever want to know what kind of stuff the college waste money on: some is for nonsense like this. By the way I was found guilty of disorderly because a professor with a Ph.D here at GRCC said though I was technically correct, he felt that even though he wasn't there that I was being a Smart A%%. So, I had to appeal to a hearing committe of 7 people (some faculty and staff), so the college could waste more money. Now, it has to go to one of the Deans or the Provost. Yes, all over Nachos. But then again it is GRCC!

Interesting side note: GRCC has code of conduct for students, faculty, staff, and student employees. However, employees of Subway and of Patatas have no code of conduct or rules to follow and are free to do whatever they want. Mr. Avery Sedore is the owner of both of them if anyone ever has a problem with a rude, obnoxious, or mean worker brewing up trouble (Pun intended).


Morning Worker at Patatas

Spinning Taco

GRCC & Sara Dorer's nonsense over a order of chips and cheese -SEE THE LETTERS HERE "We do not have any extra money at GRCC for labs", but we have money to waste over a fake hearings over one Patatas employee named Anna Farraher. "It is Sara's job to investigate". She gets paid to make a mountain out of a molehile and waste college money. This is the REAL REASON COLLEGE DISCIPLINARY ISSUES ARE ON THE RISE. Plus she has a personal relatinship with DR. Cowles who called me "a smart ass" and he helped her decide to find me quilty of calling the patatas witch a bit*h, even though that didn't happen, even though she (Anna) acts like one. Actually she acts more like a witch, rude, mean, cruel, and lies. I didn't call her a bit*h, and now thinking about it that would be a compliment for her, becasue a female dog (even in heat) acts better than she does. The same could be said for some of the college staff, that get paid to do nothing more than harass students and waste their time (not mentioning any names), therefore most are actually technically acting like witches.

Now, or at this point, when I am not busy at the college doing assignments or fighting with GRCC over nonsense,
I like to provide free referral services for the homeless and low-income.

There is a 63 page booklet that our organization created to help those find resources in the Grand Rapids area on our Website.
Ambassadors of the Light Resource Agency

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